Set Free

Inside before, I closed the door. I walked the roads alone. With gates and caves, and barricades, to keep my heart safely stored away.

Love was not worth the risk, happiness and joy seemed a dream. The pain of heartache I found too great, until you were there standing at my gates.

You did not try to overthrow my sense of security, yet you just climbed the gates and joined me in my misery.

Misery soon turned to a smile. Love and joy now seem worth while. Misery is now a smile, love and joy seem worthwhile….Again, you found me…Again, you set me free

The pain I once knew is gone and is replaced with a joyous song. Now I sing of love and trust and of the peace I feel at your touch. I know now that this is fate, you found me before it was too late.

My heart was not hardened. My sky didn’t fade to black. We are headed down the road together now, and I never want to turn back.


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