A Mother’s Love

As my angel sleeps
I listen close and wait
To hear a breath, a sound
To know that she is safe
At night when we are apart
As my angel lays in bed
I think about our day
All the things we’ve done and said
And at the end of the day I pray
That I have done my best
That I am setting her on a good path
So I can be at peace and rest
It’s hard being a mother
Loving so much and having to say “No”
Even though you’re teaching them and keeping them safe
Sometimes it doesn’t seem so
I don’t know if you can measure
The worrying a mother does
But I would say it’s up there
On the scale with how much she loves
So, as I listen close
And hear my angel’s breath
I smile and close my eyes to sleep
Knowing that I am blessed


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