Drive your Life

Change is in season, finding me free
Giving a reason to stand up for me

When it comes to things of reality, I have this uncanny ability
To open my mind and see fate and the path that I should take

Others too feel a change coming on
It’s time to be decisive and rewrite your song

Smoke screens, diversions, illusions of an outcome that lies ahead
Different songs, all with the same verse
The sounds I hear are too well rehearsed

Will in to existence the things you believe
A step of faith in a new direction will bring you reprieve

Trust in yourself, stand up for what you see
The time for living in fear is gone… It’s time to be free

No regrets for things of past
Change your future, for now it will last

You are the driver on a highway you choose
Take a wrong turn and you wont lose…
Your way on this journey, just turn back around
Wherever it leads you, your destination can still be found


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