Insistent, persistence, see through my eyes
Gliding, flying, feel the cool breeze
Resistance, temptation, the evil compilation
It’s devised to keep us bound.

Wanting what you cannot have
Tasting what you cannot eat
Smelling things that are forbidden to you
I want them even more



Walking in solemnity
Peaceful to the thought
I have to say goodbye
I have to say goodbye

No panic over myself
No regret or fear in me
Just wanting to say goodbye
Just wanting to say goodbye

Over such a simple thing
Then a feeling; my ears ring
Let it be quick. I want to find my peace
Yet wanting to say goodbye
Yet wanting to say goodbye

Ready to go; ready to fly
Walking and watching as the people drive by
But I have to say goodbye
But I have to say goodbye

Resist Unbelief

In life and in dreams
What is as it seems
In reality you can feel
In dreams it appears real

Do the two coexist?
Is there reality in a dream?
If you do not separate
Will they both correlate?

Drift along, carry your torch
Light the way, I will follow
Lead me astray, my dream shall fade
My reality will cease
Resist unbelief

Follow in truth, find your strength
Use your capabilities, believe
Live in your dream, accomplish your needs
Set your path, wake up to see

Fall asleep to be, it is as it seems
Realize and see, you live in your dreams
It’s not altered, its reality
Live to believe in your dreams

My Sky

The sky is crying, crying for me
The sky is crying to set me free

In the sky, the angels stay
welcoming me to join them one day.

When the sun is high in the sky and there is no sign of rain; the sky I know is watching me… Keeping me safe

Even in the darkness when the light is dim
I know the sky is there , welcoming me in.

The sky has been the only constant, it’s never left me alone.

For all eternity, in my sky I am home.


A change begins, it begins today.
I plan to change myself in many ways.

Committed to change, committed to me.
I love myself… It feels good to be free.