On Another Plane

Of all the beautiful things I see lying in the distance, a questions rises about myself and my mere existence.
The body of water that snakes between the valleys; pure and clear in its purpose and destination
The beautiful lights that group in a pattern, acknowledging that life is thriving here and now
The incandescent clouds, shrouding the ground, add mystery to what lies below
The rainbow of colors, dazing me from the horizon, are always beautiful and perfect in their imperfections
Leading me to believe there is an end; tempting me to find it

Crawl to the edges! Climb the peaks! Be one of the strong; not one of the weak

In these heavens, I find I’m not secure, because of this body that surrounds me, being impure

Extending to infinity, the great far and wide. Where will I land?

The same place my heart resides…


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