Soulless but not dead

Flowing through, moving fluidly, the ocean and skies scream at me. They tell me of the horrors they’ve witnessed to themselves and the other innocents. They tell me in great wailing laments that ring in my ears and tear in my eyes. I find myself crying for the heartless and soulless that die.

For you and I have dealt them with much disrespect; selfishly with disregard for those lacking heart or soul, we have begun to tear down all that is old. Older than us and before the beginning of time, these heartless and soulless beings were alive and thriving.

Peace, serenity, unity in a perfect circle of life. Before the pain and destruction began and these ancients were denied of their home. Driven to receed and die; begin to fade away. The memory of the way things were and how they could not stay, echo from those that are still here.

The ones still living, though heartless, have fear.


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