Carried by a child

Blinded from this world and its judgements.

Rules that bind me; oppression that withers my spirit, my force and will to persist. I contemplate the reasons that I exist and wonder what is my place. Where in this puzzle is there a hole shaped like me? A perfect fit where I will be secure and unmoveable to the world.

When will someone stop dumping me over, spilling and scattering me, strewn across the floor to be picked up by a child and put back together. Held together with a child’s glue, I am damaged, but my pieces are securely renewed.

Life begats life and I move on, persisting where once no will existed. I continue my journey steadily uphill upon this rough and ragged path. But, I have footprints behind me, pushing me forward to make something from the chaos I’m presented with.

To make me smile even when I’m falling

To make me laugh even though I’m crying

To give me hope that there is good in this world and a purpose for what we do

For my life, sanity and hope: My children, I thank you


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