They say that time heals everything and everything once known can be forgotten. Yet, I can’t help but disagree. Time has not healed me in any way or made me forget the losses that I have suffered in this lifetime. Time does nothing to diminish the meaning and magnitude of events that leave you shaken to the core. No, time is not my answer…However much, I wish that it were.

Time may remind me that things are always changing and everything must end, but it does not help justify the why… Have we not all asked that question? Have we not sought the answer for centuries?

So, I turn to my words to release the things that are hurting me so horribly. I use these emotions as a tool, so that in some way I can say that these emotions have had a use, so that I can say that these experiences weren’t for naught. So that I can justify their occurance and effect.

And so to you, I bring, my heart and my soul:

I give you each tear, each cry, each pain.. to know as your own

I give to you my life, my fears, the uncertainties, the unknown

I speculate and hypothecate about things; far reaching they seem

I mumble and fumble, fot what I offer.. cannot bring

Then, miraculously I have a ryhme, that stops your heart and ceases time

I reach in to the well, that is your soul, and touch it with a comfort

— This pain is not yours alone

As if, for a moment, I joined you in that pain and helped you understand:

The screaming agony that wells inside, the torrent of emotions that you cannot hide,

The breath that escapes you and the walls that close in

The horrible feeling over and again, over and again

 — They are not yours alone

And the nightmares and voices and most horrible things

The darkness and cold, the mal of intent

The soul sucking beings, leaving you spent

— You’re not alone

The endless loop of catastrophe, this roller coaster to hell

The worst possible imaginations behind a black veil

Torment and anger, wanting to lash out

To hurt oneself.. to punish and lament

— You don’t have to do that; don’t give in

Go find peace and comfort, in this one undeniable fact:

— You are not alone


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