The moonlight shines so desperately; on me now — I cannot see
Anything; the light, the rain. I feel nothing, I have no pain.
Yet, sleepily my disbelief comes crawling, climbing; over me.
Shrouding my sorrow, cast away with your light — Thinking of the morrow, when I can be with you again, if just for a night.
Time moves so fast, disbelief and disarray, tell me that it’s way to short. There’s not enough time in the day….
Not enough time in the day, not enough light to expose, the reason for love and how this life goes.


Earthly Deletion

In a spherical path, an oblique past… Destiny appears.
Lifes in a line, circle in time, an end to find.
Rounding of corners, crossing of borders, testing my order…

Fog and light, a kingly fight, who will win the race? Destiny’s blight, found in a knight, hurling towards the morning light.
One day closer, a part of the spherical completion, leading to earthly deletion.


Everything I thought to be, all the things I no longer believed, mean nothing now that you found me. When my world was spinning and dark and I was all alone, you walked in with the light and comfort of home.

All of my doubts and disbeliefs no longer exist when you are with me.

You make me want to believe in all the things I came to deny. Reach out and touch me, give me that peace. Reach out and touch me, hold me.. be in me. As close as two can get, that’s what I want to be with you. All the things I’ve never shown, I want to show to you.

You make me want to take a chance, you make it worth the risk. You make me want to cry, laugh, and smile. You make me want to live.


In your eyes I see a dream, an ocean of tides that push and pull at me; tempting me to understand what I see, tempted me in to belief.

Like lightning surges that bolt through me, with those eyes of make believe, I stumble to my destiny, fumbling clumsily.

Pushing forward with blind belief, taking a step, extending my reach; opening up, exposed and weak.

Weakened to the possibilities of love