My Cup is Half Empty..

Forever Beaten, torn apart. These are the words that echo my heart. Drop down and kneel, make one last appeal. To myself, for what is real.

Late and elated, I never catch up with time. Forever beating  this heart of mine. Can’t escape this rhythm, it’s everywhere and in my head. Can’t escape the rhythm until I’m lying dead.

Beating in misery, not in harmony. Everything in disarray, never forgetting the bad of the day. Cries to me, appeals to my heart. Things I can do nothing about, tearing me apart.

Unexplainable to the innocence that leads to this eminence, of bleeding wounds and gaping pain, still no way to explain.

Enigmatic in every move, stuck in this same ole groove…of inexplicable desolation…of absolute desperation….

I am


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