Moon-lit rainbow over clouds in the night
Lunar eyes watching time go by

Hazy magnificence in beautiful contrast
Beholding days to be and those of the past

Reflecting the beauty of others, used to enhance your own
With this borrowed light your glory is known

In each of your phases you transform my life
Molding and shifting with the ebb and tide

Enchanting form in my night sky
Watching my days and my life pass me by


Gaiety Affair

In one single night I met and lost you both. An eternity, it seems, we had that night. We held the sun at bay, to it’s light we gave a fight. For just one more hour was needed, to end this dreamy night.

We met the Irish in drink, a pub it’s called, I think. Many toasts were given that night, to the Irish, to drinking, to good beer and new friends. Not yet, not yet. The night can’t end.

Then to the rain, the gaiety affair. There we found much fun and witnessed much flair. More toasts and drinks and mystical rain. Oh wait, yet again. This night can’t end. Here we go on the move again.

We entered this haven, or hell I suppose. Where people were dancing and not wearing much clothes. Their were drinks going down and dollars flying in the air. Again, we’d found a place with flare. We closed the place down, drank and enjoyed all we could. Now we should say goodnight… keyword being should.

Yet, off on another adventure, where shall we land? Off for eating and more gaiety and meeting a new friendly face. This night that can’t end. This night of new friends. I fear we can only stave off the inevitable so long. Yet, in this moment I belong.

Yet, later I look back, I smile, and I see. Though wonderfully beautiful, it was only a moment for me.