Long Forgotton

I was searching through an old backup disk and ran across this…Thought it was worth posting… I wrote it in 12/00.

We Decay

As it is in life, it proceeds in death
We retain our soul, yet give up our breath
Our soul is the keeper of all that we are
Our body is just a host
To maintain our purpose in this world
Until we are as ghosts


So, in life our goal should be
To perfect and keep our soul
And not our body
Our body will last only a short while
Our mind will eventually fade
Yet our soul; our being
Will at our death be raised


Into a higher consciousness
It will sour amongst a different plane
For all of time even though with our body gone
Time will never be again


So, with this in mind
With this thought fresh
Think of your soul as our keeper through life and after death
It is our soul that remains, our bodies are made to decay


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