Pain and emotions flow from my heart in to everything I am
Every part of me feels…what grows inside
My mind bursts of twisted thoughts, never do they leave me alone
And yet, I am alone……I am alone

Falling in to a sleep
To only wake up asleep
Asleep is my soul…..Asleep is my soul

Every move I make is yet another motion towards eternity, with these things…
Oh, these things, that burn in me.
I walked towards a light to find it’s been darkened by a trance
No more do I progress

Through there shadow I walk with their beat
Their beat of emptiness lying in deceit
I touch a drop of life, as it flows through my veins
Then, the next minute the drop I touch is pain

So long to the freedom that was in my grasp
I see these worlds collide and end with a crash
Slowly I am awakened by an amber flame
Which the effect is always the same

Falling in to a sleep
To only wake up asleep
Asleep is my soul….Asleep is my soul

Deeper in hiding, trying to find peace
But the further you go in to peace you find that your not asleep
Yet alive for a motionless world deprived of care
Crawling down in to the masked lair

Until it ends and then you have to go back for a shower, instead of a drop
Live through that and then find your way back to the top


Arms of an Angel

I spent the night in the arms of an angel
I was wrapped with your feathered wings
You held me in safety
I felt the warmth of your glow

I soared upon the clouds of heaven
You had me by your side
Oh the rush that was like no other
True love; this is the sign

For all my existence I belong here
And you belong with me
Please wrap your wings around me
And hold me for eternity

Sweet Return

Like the leaves in fall
The freshness of love and romance sometimes fades
However it returns with the spring and the rain

The Smile’s Ebb & Flow

Like crystalline drops
That flow from the sea
Or as sand that dances
Too and fro with the tide

So a smile fades and returns
In the same manner as it left


The falling of the sun
The rising of the moon
The dark in the day
And the light in the night

The death in life
And the life in death
Pain in happiness
And joy in sadness

Today is forever
Tomorrow will never come
My past shall catch up with me
How do I reach the future behind me

Letting go of someone you love
Finding love in someone you despise
All of the hidden things
Beheld by the eyes

At first seeming boisterous and prideful
Yet this was only hiding behind calm
Pain trying not to be seen
Mysteries that have yet to be revealed

A soul of old
A body anew
Intertwined are these two
Viewing simultaneously from two different views

In life and in death,
In sickness and in health
For all of time to span eternity
For all of space to find you in

There you are

Experiencing the Human Condition

Experiencing the human condition
Paths meant to cross, bringing us together
Seek those who tug at your heart

I feel a desire, a tugging inside
To reach out and hold on to this feeling
Not letting go, as a child clings to its parents

I want to enjoy every moment
Cherish the time that’s granted
Before the moment fades, before it’s gone away

Breathing in the essence, letting it flow through you
Remember this day, this time, this place
Embrace what you hold inside, and don’t let it go

As things slip through your fingers
You realize some pertinent things
About life, yourself, and those around you

You learn what things are important to you,
And the things that hold value
Appreciate these things, as time is an unpredictable mishap bestowed upon us