Internal Journey

I search inside myself to see if I exist. I explore all alleys to see if there’s anything I might have missed. I find many locked doors, places I cannot go. When will I find the keys to these? I really do not know.

As the air exists, invisibly, and yet it gives us life. So, my soul exists in the same manner, and so it gives me light.


Godsmack Inspired

When the new Godsmack album, IV, came out, I purchased it with eager anticipation. I opened it and played it as soon as I was in my car. I listened carefully and absorbed as much as I could on the drive home. I was pleased. Out for another drive, I listened some more, like a sponge I drank it all in. I was on my way to take a walk with nature and capture the moment with pictures. As I walked through the forest the words from one of the Godsmack songs kept repeating in my head…..”I feel so hollow”. My walk was serene and cleansing and I found comfort in the forest of tranquility.

Several days later, as I viewed the pictures I had taken that day, I felt the need to write. I opened up my blog (which was a whole new thing for me) and released my soul and the essence of my journey that day. Inspired by the four simple and yet impacting words “I feel so hollow” and by the sacred soul I found in the forest that day.

Journey with me in to the hollows of the forest and to find the “Sacred Soul”.