Writing and Stereotypes

I’ve always loved to write and everyone knows that most inspiration comes from personal experiences. One of my greatest fears when sharing my writing, is that a label will be attached to me based on my writing. My writing usually isn’t all roses and sunshine and usually flows like a roller coaster, building tension to find a release. Most of your entertaining arts, poetry, music, science fiction, and such are all based the same way.

A writer’s initial inspiration could be their current emotion that leads down many avenues of fiction and embellishment. Sometimes, it may just be a thought that is taken to many infinite possibilities and develops in to a brainstorm of the imagination.

Many writers face a stereotypical assault on their being based solely on their imagination. Some learn how to use it to their advantage, but others balk at the thought of settling in to one category or genre.

Just as well, writing can be based purely on non-fiction and may be completely valid of your life and emotions at the time. It can be hard to tell, but just to be on the safe side…..Never judge a person by their imagination.


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  1. August 13, 2006 at 8:42 am

    […] Poe has been criticized and ridiculed for the life he lead and his works have been sadly neglected by some, because of this. Poe lived a very disheveled life, and many tragedies befell him starting at an early age. Poe pushed past these constraints and stereotypes and plowed forward with passion and ambition. He may have suffered from the failures and tragedies that plagued him, but it did not stop him from influencing the world and using his talent. […]

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