Hidden Beneath Leaves

My beauty you see, hidden beneath leaves. I am of beauty and grace, I am of the wisest of trees. My trunk is vast and my roots go deep. I am awake, even when you are asleep. I have a heart and soul, it expands with rings as I get old.

I reach to the heavens, I bathe in the suns glow. My arms stretch out wide and give shelter below. I can provide a safe haven and shade or a lookout to those who are adventurous and brave.

I have an intimate relationship with all living things. I give solace to all and life I do bring. I’ve given lovers a place to lay, children a place to play, animals shelter from the heat, people a place to meet. I give tired ones somewhere to rest, squirlly ones a place to nest, horned ones a place to rutt, and woodsman a place to hunt.

I live on the hills and down by the creek, I thrive on the nutrients below your feet. What you call dirt, I call home. I plant my roots and begin to grow. For years to come I will watch you and your kin. I will shelter and feed them and welcome them in.



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