A Mother’s Love

As my angel sleeps
I listen close and wait
To hear a breath, a sound
To know that she is safe
At night when we are apart
As my angel lays in bed
I think about our day
All the things we’ve done and said
And at the end of the day I pray
That I have done my best
That I am setting her on a good path
So I can be at peace and rest
It’s hard being a mother
Loving so much and having to say “No”
Even though you’re teaching them and keeping them safe
Sometimes it doesn’t seem so
I don’t know if you can measure
The worrying a mother does
But I would say it’s up there
On the scale with how much she loves
So, as I listen close
And hear my angel’s breath
I smile and close my eyes to sleep
Knowing that I am blessed


I Look in to a Grave…

I look in to a grave and pray that it’s not mine. I look in to my soul for shelter and comfort sublime. Time will always pass by, though stop it we may try. There is a certain end for all, that will inevitably take us away. From our loved ones, our ambitions, our rituals we follow every day.

Take the time to cherish time, appreciate it for what it’s worth. We are only granted a short stay, here, on this Earth. Look in to each moment and feel it in your heart. Let it become a part of your soul, don’t let the memory part. It’s the minuscule details we pass off like the wind, the little things in life that we once took comfort in. These are the things we must once again open our eyes to, and see, we must remember the first time and it’s beauty. Like a child, exploring, enjoying everything for it’s simple beauty and grace. Don’t forget the little beauties… until with death you are faced.


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Poe the Unrecognized


Edgar Allen Poe has been criticized and ridiculed for the life he lead and his works have been sadly neglected by some, because of this. Poe lived a very disheveled life, and many tragedies befell him starting at an early age. Poe pushed past these constraints and stereotypes and plowed forward with passion and ambition. He may have suffered from the failures and tragedies that plagued him, but it did not stop him from influencing the world and using his talent.

Poe was a ponderer of all things, both beautiful and morose. He took his thoughts, ideas, and beliefs and presented them for the world to see, despite the close-mindedness of the people in his time. He was bold, just as many of the greatest thinkers have been and are.

Poe has had many labels in his life, but never was scientist one of them. Most of us are not even aware that Poe pondered the universe and may have even foreseen things about the universe as it is and will become. I encourage you all to take a look at “Eureka“, one of Poe’s greatest works. For those of you who make an attempt at reading and understanding Eureka, I give you applause. It is very long and full of large ambiguous words. By no means am I saying that it is not amazing work, I am just saying it is a lot to comprehend for someone who is not knowledgeable in science.

On that note, I stumbled upon some wonderful essays dedicated to Eureka and it’s propositions. They can be found at the Poe Decoder. This is a wonderful site dedicated to Poe and the sites name speaks for itself. Here you can find “Eureka” broken down in to old and new propositions, with segments dedicated to each proposition. Juan Lartigue, produced a wonderful essay entitled “Edgar Allen Poe and Science: A Cosmic Poet“. Many other wonderful essays on Poe can be found here as well.

I leave you with a challenge…A challenge to journey in to Edgar Allen Poe’s mind and to return unchanged…

Writing and Stereotypes

I’ve always loved to write and everyone knows that most inspiration comes from personal experiences. One of my greatest fears when sharing my writing, is that a label will be attached to me based on my writing. My writing usually isn’t all roses and sunshine and usually flows like a roller coaster, building tension to find a release. Most of your entertaining arts, poetry, music, science fiction, and such are all based the same way.

A writer’s initial inspiration could be their current emotion that leads down many avenues of fiction and embellishment. Sometimes, it may just be a thought that is taken to many infinite possibilities and develops in to a brainstorm of the imagination.

Many writers face a stereotypical assault on their being based solely on their imagination. Some learn how to use it to their advantage, but others balk at the thought of settling in to one category or genre.

Just as well, writing can be based purely on non-fiction and may be completely valid of your life and emotions at the time. It can be hard to tell, but just to be on the safe side…..Never judge a person by their imagination.

One Thing Remains

Although you fly
Away from me
My soul breathes

All though the leaves
Fall from the trees
They sing to me

And when the sun
Falls to sleep
Darkness surrounds me

All is well
Safe and Warm
I still feel pain
My heart is torn

When the bird
Flies in the sky
The wind carries me

In my sleep
I find my peace
My mind is free

In life or in love
In things below or things above
One thing still remains
Everything has a beginning and an end

Comfort in Dreams

I dedicate this to my brother, Justin O’Brien, who has been missing since 4/26/02.

In my dreams, you find me, and there you comfort me. I cry because you’ve gone away, but in my dreams you are there to stay.

Comfort in Dreams, peace is with me. There you are with me always, here you never fade.. Solace and solitude in dreams are a prelude, to the day when we meet again. One day I will go away with you, but not yet. My life isn’t through. So, I’ll continue to see you in my dreams, because that’s where you never left me.

Iron Jenny Cash

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Iron Jenny Cash

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Hidden Beneath Leaves

My beauty you see, hidden beneath leaves. I am of beauty and grace, I am of the wisest of trees. My trunk is vast and my roots go deep. I am awake, even when you are asleep. I have a heart and soul, it expands with rings as I get old.

I reach to the heavens, I bathe in the suns glow. My arms stretch out wide and give shelter below. I can provide a safe haven and shade or a lookout to those who are adventurous and brave.

I have an intimate relationship with all living things. I give solace to all and life I do bring. I’ve given lovers a place to lay, children a place to play, animals shelter from the heat, people a place to meet. I give tired ones somewhere to rest, squirlly ones a place to nest, horned ones a place to rutt, and woodsman a place to hunt.

I live on the hills and down by the creek, I thrive on the nutrients below your feet. What you call dirt, I call home. I plant my roots and begin to grow. For years to come I will watch you and your kin. I will shelter and feed them and welcome them in.


We forget the pain

Getting back to myself, I was taken away. I’m one step higher, on solid ground beneath my feet. I’m one step further from the shell that was not me. Each step I take is purposefully.

We forget the pain and return to it again. We go on believing, we have been trained. We continue growing till we no longer remain. A remnant in a case, a rose without a vase. We cannot abstain when we forget the pain, we no longer remain.

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