Some say Love

Some say love is all romanticism and and excitement. I find it’s comforting, reliable, and filled with the normalcies of life. Love is about having someone to collaborate with and share in your burdens. Love is something that is with you every step of the day, adding to your momentum and smoothing your path.

When you find someone that you can trust and count on for support in the daily trials and frustrations of life…Someone to go to bed with each night, comforted that all is right in the world…Someone to wake up with and smile. That is love.

Love is spontaneous and romantic, but mostly it is blissful and serene. I have found that there are many pieces to the puzzle of life that we must find. Love is an essential piece to this puzzle, and like any puzzle, if a piece is missing, it may still be beautiful but yet incomplete.

Some say love is a seed, that with the sun’s love, in the spring, becomes the rose.(Conway Twitty,The Rose

For my Husband on our anniversary!



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  1. Kris said,

    August 3, 2006 at 9:43 pm

    Interesting and very truthful. Its very opposite of dating, but its complete in the fullfillment of committment and grace of ever present love being around you in so many ways. Its why children can be so completing of a soul and union. I love my kids and step kids. Secret is…I really do love my husband more. But, not as much as I love God. I know that we are not supposed to compare. But, its what my heart says. No children are loved more then the next. Even if they are my step kids. I treat and love them as my own. But, noone short of God is loved more then my husband. He has earned this….

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