Dr. Funny

I was at my group meeting for a lifestyle change program (AA for fat people) and we were going around the room talking. One guy said that he had changed his meds and had an experience where he talked to his mother who passed quite some time ago, but it really helped him get his head out of his ass.

My Dr. replied, “Well, you’re hair is looking very nice today.”


Love is Blind

I was talking to my friend about his ex-girlfiend one night and I said “I guess that’s why they say love is blind”, and he replies ” Yeah, cause she poked my eyes out.”

Intensity Screams

Intensity screams realeasing the inner me. Weaving in and out with fluidity and grace. Driving on autopilot, going with the flow.

A sensory peak, feeling every fiber of my being. I wake, I look, I take. A step in the direction of my fate. Conquer or divide, reach for the sky. Let your soul scream, open up and be free.

Karymsky Volcano

Some say Love

Some say love is all romanticism and and excitement. I find it’s comforting, reliable, and filled with the normalcies of life. Love is about having someone to collaborate with and share in your burdens. Love is something that is with you every step of the day, adding to your momentum and smoothing your path.

When you find someone that you can trust and count on for support in the daily trials and frustrations of life…Someone to go to bed with each night, comforted that all is right in the world…Someone to wake up with and smile. That is love.

Love is spontaneous and romantic, but mostly it is blissful and serene. I have found that there are many pieces to the puzzle of life that we must find. Love is an essential piece to this puzzle, and like any puzzle, if a piece is missing, it may still be beautiful but yet incomplete.

Some say love is a seed, that with the sun’s love, in the spring, becomes the rose.(Conway Twitty,The Rose

For my Husband on our anniversary!


Hungerectomy Ad — Hung-Erect-O-My?

Snicker's Ad

Hung-Erectomy? Hung-Erect-O-My? What on earth where they thinking when they came up with this ad campaign? Come on now, no one realized what it said? You know that their was a lot of snickering going on in the office when they came up with this one?

I’ve seen a lot of posts on how this looks like some painful surgical procedure and that it is really counter intuitive in it’s meaning, but seriously it is just wrong. Maybe my mind is in the gutter here, but all anyone thought of was medical procedures? No one noticed the sexual connotation in this ad?

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the inside joke myself and it did leave me “snickering”.

Sacred Soul

Sacred Soul 4 

I feel so hollow, my soul blows like the breeze. You can find me, down by the broken tree. My heart is twisted from the pain I’m caused, with this dry spell I begin to think that all is lost. The light shines and I live and die, I love and cry. Reality sets in, my roots dig in, as the dirt corrodes and my soul decays.

The vines that entwine, they bind as they climb me. The small things in life love me for my magnificense and protection, they thrive while I die (submit, lose, give in?).  I reach out to those around me, we join forces to resist nature’s cruelty. We are truely one here, our beauty and magnificense saves many… we sacrifice much.

Sacred Soul 2

When life rains forth we reach for the sky. We touch one another and share in drink — down deep below where our souls lie, we are touched with a kiss of moisture, we are bathed from head to toe.

Sacred Soul 3

We shine brightly with rejoice, with the light we sing with brilliance and depth. If you stand with us, still, you will know our joy, the emanance of life that we give to you, to all. I feel many small creatures and many seek me to hide. I feel the slightest of movement. My roots and fingers stretch far and wide. I am the greatest storyteller and yet I can never tell a soul. I sing with the wind and other creatures at times. My voice has many forms. You can hear me best when I join in with the storms.

I hope you know me a little better now and will treat me with care. I may not say much, but I know that you are there.


Inside an Irish Mind

I hope to share with you my Irish Mind. It feels locked up sometimes, in chains that often bind. I desire this as an outlet. An alley I must explore. Many adventures await you inside… and all you must do is open the door. So, step inside to take a ride. I will take you high and low. In to the hills, the valleys, and moors we advance. There is no place we won’t go.

 I hope that you enjoy my mind and come back sometime, bring a friend along for the ride. Please relax, be at ease, journey Inside an Irish Mind

Clifden Bay


We the Irish..

Ireland the Beautiful

If any of you out there are Irish, hell even if you’re not, you know that Irish and Pride just go together. You probably expected me to say Irish and alcohol, which is also true, but that is just redundant.

I’ve been told that Ireland is dangerous and that I really don’t want to go there, but I don’t care! My soul calls to her beauty and my feet ache to feel the lush green under my feet. I yearn to hear Irish music, bagpipes and I long to see men in skirts, I mean kilts. I want to speak the forgotton languages and get drunk in the bars.

It’s like a tamed animal returning to the wild, at last going home. It’s the same with me, returning to Ireland, to my roots, to deliverance.

I can only sigh and smile at the thought…