Sacred Soul


I feel so hollow, my soul blows like the breeze. You can find me, down by the broken tree. My heart is twisted from the pain I’m caused, with this dry spell I begin to think that all is lost. The light shines and I live and die, I love and cry. Reality sets in, my roots dig in, as the dirt corrodes and my soul decays.

The vines that entwine, they bind as they climb me. The small things in life love me for my magnificense and protection, they thrive while I die (submit, lose, give in?).  I reach out to those around me, we join forces to resist nature’s cruelty. We are truely one here, our beauty and magnificense saves many… we sacrifice much.

Sacred Soul 2

When life rains forth we reach for the sky. We touch one another and share in drink — down deep below where our souls lie, we are touched with a kiss of moisture, we are bathed from head to toe.

Sacred Soul 3

We shine brightly with rejoice, with the light we sing with brilliance and depth. If you stand with us, still, you will know our joy, the emanance of life that we give to you, to all. I feel many small creatures and many seek me to hide. I feel the slightest of movement. My roots and fingers stretch far and wide. I am the greatest storyteller and yet I can never tell a soul. I sing with the wind and other creatures at times. My voice has many forms. You can hear me best when I join in with the storms.  Sacred Soul 4 

I hope you know me a little better now and will treat me with care. I may not say much, but I know that you are there.



  1. October 20, 2006 at 1:02 am

    […] Journey with me in to the hollows of the forest and to find the “Sacred Soul”. […]

  2. July 27, 2007 at 8:52 am

    […] Journey with me in to the hollows of the forest and to find the “Sacred Soul”. […]

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